Pubg, Free Fire, GTA 5 Live Videos and Many More...

Interact with Streamers

Chat with your favourite Steamers LIVE, by sending quirky texts and with Interactive Stickers in your own Regional language

Win Credits and Vouchers

Now you can win credits and vouchers of your favourite games - PubG, FreeFire etc

Win Rheo Coins

Login into Rheo and win daily Rheo Coins by watching Live Streams on the app

Exciting Promotions!

Lookout for exciting rewards of your favourite games with Rheo Rewards

Redeem Rheo Coins

Redeem your Rheo coins with exciting vouchers and credits of your favourite Games like PUBG UC, FreeFire Diamonds and many more

Instant Delivery

When you redeem from Rheo, your purchase is delivered directly to your game account as soon as transaction is completed.


Start LIVE Game Streaming With Rheo

Now you can also be a part of the Gamer community

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Bring your friends and Win exciting prizes

Play with PRO Gamers

Get a chance to play with Pro - Gamers and be a part of their LIVE Stream with Rheo Play Request.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Really Useful app for Streamers!

Discovered a lot of content creators. Really a Useful app for gamers around the world. Enjoyed watching every streamer. It has a better Quality than other platforms and has an easy UI interface and its catchy to use. Great App. Waiting for further updates.

Amazing App!

An amazing app who is doing very well for gaming community . My name is BrownboiYT and im doing streaming on this platform from last 2-3 months. This app is just like all other streaming app, here u can not only do Livestream but u can also earn unlimited real money according to your talent and time. Cheers!!

India's own Streaming platform!

This is own Streaming Platform for Indians. The quality on platform is awesome and they are constantly updating the app which is a very good thing moving forward. So Download the app, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the Live Streams on Rheo.

Smoothest Streaming App!

The smoothest streaming app that i have ever seen. Thanks for giving such an wonderful app it consumes very low data and it has good quality in low setting. I LOVE THIS APP. LOVE FROM CHENNAI CITY GAMESTAR

Really Good to watch live gameplays!

Hi guys, This App is really good to watch live gameplays. they are conducting good giveaway matches and tournaments in that app. streamers reply politely. good app for watching more games. Guys all support for this Rheo TV for grow up.

गजब की ऐप!

स्ट्रीमिंग करने के लिए गजब की ऐप है

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Reach Gold level to start earning from your streams.

Every streamer starts on Bronze level. You have to clear Bronze level then Silver and finally reach the Gold Level. Gold streamers are eligible to earn through the platform. You can find more info about this on your profile in the app.

There is no maximum limit to how much you can earn. Top streamers earns lacs of rupees per month.

Rheo makes Payments bi-monthly i.e. on 1st and 16th of every month.

Generate Streaming Link and Key from the app on your mobile phone and set it on PC.

To know more, Click Here

Generate Streaming Link and Key from the app on your mobile phone and set it on your mobile.

To know more, Click Here

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